7 Most Popular Tools Used by Experienced Social Media Marketers

7 Most Popular Tools Used by Experienced Social Media Marketers

Along with the rise of the digital era that we are now part of, the big scene of marketing has shifted towards the online environment. Everything’s happening online; why? Well, online marketing campaigns are now much more effective due to the fact that almost everybody spends time on the internet.

Of course, I’m not talking about those people who don’t have access to the internet. We’re talking about you and me, normal individuals who can take advantage of all the available modern resources.

Most of the marketing campaigns are performed in order to create a great exposure to potential traffic. The traffic arrives on your website, and that’s usually the first step that you must accomplish during a marketing campaign. Next, it’s up to you where you want to lead those people.

As marketers, we must always pay attention to the marketplace. In your case, the marketplace is the number of people that would be interested in your website, services, or products. Your niche is basically the field of activity of your business. Your job is to find the places where people that care about that niche hang out and introduce yourself and your services.

Now think about it; how do most people spend time online? There’s an obvious answer: they are texting, instant messaging, and using social media environments in order to connect. Everyone has a Facebook profile. If you don’t comply, you’ll often encounter communication problems.

For example, you just go to college and your classmates make a Facebook group. They chat, plan meetings, go out, and so on. If you don’t have that social profile, you’re losing all the fun and news. Even the statistics prove it: during 2016, 78% of US individuals had a social media profile.

So again; if you’re a marketer looking to create better marketing performances, social media is the environment that needs to be exploited. Lots of online marketers already understood the potential of social media in today’s business environment. If you’re not convinced yet, I’d urge you to reconsider your thoughts.

During this article, we’re going to see how social media can be truly leveraged. In order to improve your social media campaigns profitability and productivity, you must adapt and become flexible.

You must take advantage of few social media specific tools. These tools should make your life easier and show you better ways of automating and optimizing your social media campaigns.

Social Media Tools That are Used by Most Experts


When it comes to coming up with new content ideas, Buzzsumo is one of the best tools to consult. With this app, you can see and analyze the latest social media trends, come up with new marketing strategies, and find the best campaign ideas for your social media promotion.

This is one of the most useful tools if you’re managing almost any type of social media network because it offers features for most of them. With Facebook, for example, you can find out whether your ads will make an impact or not. You can do so by going through the useful stats this app will provide you with.



Canva Social Media Tools

Did you know that an article that starts with a picture has over 94% more total views than a text without a picture has? Well, if that’s what the statistics say, why not adapt to the reality? With Canva you can get a hold of many creative common images that are safely to use. You won’t get any copyright issues or any SEO penalizations.

Moreover, you can choose to create your own images and designs by taking advantage of Canva’s professional made templates. With a drag-and-drop feature, you can easily create plenty of beautiful and relevant pictures for your content. After that, sharing a content piece that contains an image will get a much better click-through-rate.

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SEMrush Social Media Tools

SEM rush is an accessible social media platform which allows you to create a competitive analysis for your social media profiles. Basically, by gathering the competitive intelligence from all your competitors, the software will give you an explicit comparison between you and them.

Besides that, you can also track your target audience’s activity, measure the engagement rate, and ultimately find great optimizing solutions for your social media campaigns.



Hootsuite Social Media Tools

If you’re looking to improve your self-organization when it comes to your social media profiles, you should definitely check out Hootsuite. I believe it is the best social media management tool out there, and this is because they’re offering an extremely complex main dashboard.

Within this dashboard, you can find dozens of useful integration options, management actions, and automation features for almost any existent social network. It works great especially if you have a specific niche and a single brand name. You can use Hootsuite to manage the content, spread it through different social channels, and analyze your overall performance.



Buffer Social Media Tools

Have you ever felt tired of manually updating your social media pages? Most social media owners eventually become bored and annoyed because of this time-consuming task. When they do, they start looking for automation solutions; the problem is that they’ve wasted so much time with irrelevant tasks, time that you cannot take back.

Buffer helps you fully automate your social media campaigns by giving you the useful feature of auto-scheduling and auto-posting of your content. It has many other relevant features that can truly replace your time-consuming manual actions with something that is automated.


Google Trends

Google Trends Social Media Tools

Google Trends is extremely popular. It’s very unlikely that you haven’t already heard about it, so let’s get straight to the point. This giant online platform will show you the latest trends, latest keyword searches, and the latest discussed topics. Using it, you can generate plenty of useful content ideas and organize your social media campaigns according to what’s trending in the present moment.

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Optimizely Social Media Tools

Optimizely is an extremely useful software that allows marketers to split test their social media campaigns. So when you want to test two ads at the same time, you’ll use this tool. When you want to redirect half of the clickers towards your website and half towards your other website, you’ll want to use Optimizely.

Most social media experts are using it in order to test their products and offers and come up with helpful feedback. Once you know which version of your A/B testing alternatives works best, you’ll be able to focus your time and money for scaling purposes.


Social media marketing isn’t that complicated. You just have to know the basics, have a good marketing idea, use the best social media tools, and test until you succeed. There will be a lot of failures, yes, but that should never stop you from pursuing your goals.

I hope you found these tools useful, and I urge you to select few of them and give them a try as soon as possible!

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