10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Video Presentation

Video Presentation


It’s no coincidence that when a search is performed on Google, the results often include hits on YouTube. That’s because Google owns YouTube; and search results are often integrated. That’s a huge reason why when professionals plan a marketing mix they will often not only consider SEO but to include a video along with it. This applies equally when trying to achieve a high ranking on content to strive for the same results for a video.

What follows are ten reasons why a business needs a video presentation and why you should get serious about making video marketing part of any content plan. And when you do get serious, go to platformcreator.com for help.

1. Videos Add a More Personal Touch

As useful as a video presentation is to any sales effort when there is an actual person on that video, it’s doubly so. When a real person is making the presentation, not only does the audience identify with that person and what they are talking about, but they can also be shown what it is about. A video that centers on text makes the audience work for what they want to know, but as a result, it can antagonize viewers. Even if the person who is giving the presentation isn’t seen, but is only a voiceover, audiences can better connect with the information being given.

2. Audiences Prefer to be Spoon-Fed Their Information

There’s a good reason why so many more people prefer television over newspapers and magazines: they like being spoon-fed their information. People prefer not to work as hard for the same information they want. For this reason, they will choose videos as a source over reading. A video allows the audience to become more fully engaged with the subject being presented. Even better, they don’t feel like they have to sift through a lot of text for the same content.

3. Videos Result in More Conversions and Sales

When most people post a video they think that they are simply adding content that will boost a website’s sales appeal. The truth, however, goes far beyond that. A video that is well done can generate an income-based solely on the monetization of the advertising alone. This does not include the possibility that a video can be successful by adding it in your business’s marketing mix. Studies have shown that including a video on a landing page alone can increase the rate of your conversions of prospects to sales by as much as 80 percent.

Even a video that has the sole purpose of explaining a product or service will lead to far more sales than a landing page that employs only text to do the same job. As a result, to maximize the total impact of a website, the most powerful way to make it useful is to use text and graphics and a video presentation of the product or service.

4. Videos Build the Trust Factor

Trust is the most all-important factor when it comes to converting a prospect to a sale. After all, who would you be more likely to buy something from, someone trusted, or someone you didn’t trust? As a result, building trust is the key to any successful sales relationship. This works when a salesperson is interacting with a prospect as well as using a video.

5. Videos Build Relations on Mobile

To a great extent, sales is a numbers game. When a business appeals to more prospects, it will naturally result in more closed sales. More and more, reaching buyers is a matter of reaching out in as many ways as possible, including the fast-emerging mobile market. This is one market that is still in the infant stages of development, which and savvy marketer can put to their advantage by being an early introducer to the use of videos on mobile devices. Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of all mobile users watch videos on their devices. Video has become so popular that YouTube reports a 100 percent increase in the viewership each year.


6. Videos Equal Sharing

When was the last time you watched a video on Facebook and ended up sharing it with someone else? As it turns out, you’re not alone. Videos are virtually everywhere on social media, and they are being shared every day. It doesn’t matter whether those videos are something someone produced professionally or even a recording of something in someone’s neighborhood.

7. Be a Part of Someone Else’s Video

This might cost some of an advertising budget, but if another business includes yours on their video, why not form a partnership to create a video together? And if that other video becomes popular, sit back and let them do the promotion for you.

8. Include a Video on Email Campaigns

More and more email campaigns have become the rage. And why not? If people are going to check their email several times a day, why not include a promotional message and their download? Not only can a video presentation for a business be included in an email, but that same email can redirect to a website for more information.

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It’s been said that to explain something to someone best, it is best to show them as opposed to telling them alone. That’s the principle of using video presentations over virtually any other. With a video, a product can be demonstrated exactly as it is needed for a viewer to make an intelligent choice on the purchase from a business.

10. A Video Increases Dwell Time

As a rule, most people don’t spend too much of their time looking at websites. Video presentations can turn that around by demanding viewers’ attention for as long as that video holds them. This requires that the video be well produced with good information, but the video itself holds a viewer’s attention longer than any other media type.

If you are looking for the secret to converting a more significant number of prospects to sales, it’s time to consider converting a sales presentation to video. It’s where the sales are.

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